2 Reasons Your Franchise Needs to Be in the Right Location


Whether you are purchasing a new home, setting up a business, or going on vacation, location is always important. That is because “location” is more often than not tied to convenience, and for many of us, convenience is something we cannot live without.

With that in mind, location is one of the most important aspects you have to consider when setting up a franchise. If you manage to select an excellent location, you make it as convenient as possible for your potential customers to reach you.

With that said, here are a few other reasons your franchise needs to be in the right location.

1. Gives customers a reason to come back: 

You do not want people to visit your store once and never return. You want them to come back over and over, not only to satisfy their needs but also to continue generating revenue. While there are many ways you can do this, from marketing to brand building, choosing the perfect location can only improve on this.

When choosing a spot, you will need to consider as many locations as possible. With a list of potential areas to set up your franchise, you will need to take the time to consider the cost, traffic, population, and more.

You want a place that is easy to get to while still exposing your business to as many people as possible. When you achieve that, not only will people visit you once, but they will come back again because you are easy to get to. Plus, by being visible to as many people as possible, you maximize potential customers.

2. Attracts the picky people:

While some people do not mind going out of their way to reach a location for the things they need, some people will look for excuses not to go. For instance, they can say that the weather is not right or that the drive is too long for them to bother.

You cannot blame them. After all, with the ability to order things online, the need to go out is smaller than ever. Those who go out may also settle to go to a closer store, even if they are not familiar with it. In other words, convenience is key, and the lack thereof is one of the biggest reasons some customers might not go to your business.

You want to appeal to these picky individuals when choosing your location. That way, you eliminate some of the reasons people might choose another business over yours. These customers might not be that many, but they represent potential repeat customers and, therefore, consistent sales.


Location, location, location―this factor is one of the most important in your franchise. Choosing the right one is just as important as marketing, brand-building, and all the other efforts you make to attract customers to your doorsteps.

That said, do not rush this process. Take time to consider all the possible locations you can set up shop. That way, you have a much higher chance of choosing the perfect spot to launch your franchise and put it on the right track to success.

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