4 Reasons Why Franchise Business Need To Use Local Google Ads


Owing to the unique circumstances that franchise businesses are in, digital marketing efforts need to be coordinated between the mother brand and the franchisee. In order to avoid brand cannibalization especially in the digital space, franchisees need to be able to coordinate their strategies within their franchise network or find areas where they can exercise a little individuality, without hurting the mother brand. 


To this end, franchisees will benefit from mastering the use of localized Google ads. Here are four reasons why localized Google Ads are a must for franchise businesses. 

  • Localized Google Ads Allow Precise Geographic Targeting 


Since franchisees operate within a well-defined territory, it makes sense to extend your ad reach only to the people within your territory. For example, using a one-mile radius around your physical location would be a good place to start. This is important because it would be a waste of resources to serve ads to people who are closer to another franchise, who are already offering much of the same products and services as you do. 

  • Localized Google Ads Reach Your Customers Directly 


The problem with traditional advertising formats such as television, radio, or even billboards, is that they wait for your customers to pass by them, and even then, they are hardly noticed. This is because these ads are usually static. Even television and radio ads, which are aired in certain time slots with the hope of getting more eyeballs, are often tuned out if customers have no need for them. 

Meanwhile, Google Ads appear on top of the search results page. This is important because instead of passive viewing, as is the case when people look at other ad formats, Google Ads are triggered by searches, which are a good indication of content. When potential customers search for a particular product or service online, they are most likely trying to determine its reliability through reviews and other related information. This means that the potential customer is already well on its way to a purchase decision. With your Google Ads on top of these search results, there is an increased chance that you’ll get the most clicks. 

  • Google Ads Are Measurable 


Another advantage of Google Ads is its precise measurability. Through the use of an analytics engine such as Google’s very own Google Analytics, you know exactly how successful your campaign is through metrics such as click-through rates and conversions. It also allows you to take a deep dive into the data and have a better understanding of customer demographics, behavior, and other information that may help you tailor your ads better. 

  • Google Ad Strategies Can Be Coordinated 


With the right management tool, Google Ad strategies can be coordinated and are scalable to the level of even the mother brand. To prevent undue brand cannibalization, ad content can be standardized within the level of the mother brand. At the franchise level, all there is left to do is to decide how much budget they are willing to spend on ad space. Conversely, an individual franchise can set its own content with the permission of the mother brand, and it can serve its ads strictly only on their own territory so as not to introduce conflict. 




The advantages of using localized Google Ads are clear. With more and more people turning to Google searches to look for local establishments before going through a purchase decision, franchise businesses are in the position to dominate their territories with ease. 

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