Essential Points to Take Note of in a Franchise Agreement


If you own a business and things have been running smoothly for a while now, you might want to consider branching out and embarking on a franchise. When going into this opportunity, it’s crucial to look for a potential partner that can be trusted to make sure your business is in safe hands.

In such an occasion, a franchise agreement comes into play, as this will serve as your contract that enumerates all the rules and policies both parties have to live up to. This is essential for maintaining your business’ reputation and avoid any unwanted consequences in the future. It’s a legal document that lists how the franchise will be operated and the terms stating how it will end.

If you want to know more about the essential points of a franchise agreement, read on further below.

Determine the Duration of the Arrangement

A franchise agreement involves a certain period of running the business. You have to consider the fixed term or the length in which you’re obliged to continue serving. It usually takes several years, but it will depend on the deal you’ve agreed to.

If you’re thinking of renewing the franchise agreement for another term, you should immediately take it up to the business owner. Besides that, if you miss the deadline or renewal of a contract, they might think you no longer want to continue—so they might look for new opportunities elsewhere as soon as your settlement expires!

Even if your franchise doesn’t go well and sales are low, you are still legally tied to running the business and not allowed to cut ties. If you really can’t do your part anymore, you can either sell the business or terminate the contract—given that the franchisee has permitted you accordingly.

Review Your Dealing Rights

If you franchise a brand and realize later that it’s not for you, you are allowed to sell it off, but the final decision will still rely on the proprietor’s discretion. They will choose whether the new buyer is reliable and can take on the job.

To successfully determine if the buyer has what it takes, they must meet specific criteria to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the transition. It’s also crucial to consider because the new franchise owner must meet the standards of the business.

Examine the Renewal Contract

If a franchise goes well and you want to continue managing it, know that asking for a renewal is different from an extension of your current agreement. Chances are, there will be a new deal featuring a different set of terms and policies.

You will also be given a limited period by the franchisor that states if you want to push through with the renewal or not. Most franchising transactions that go well are authorized to begin a new contract immediately, especially if the owner sees that you were able to comply with all the rules, meet the business’s needs, and prove your performance worthy.


The best way to guarantee that a franchise agreement has no loopholes and results in a good investment is by asking advice from a professional. Embarking on a new venture entails that your business’s future is involved, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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