How to Make Your Franchise Business Thrive Amid COVID-19


If you own a franchise business and have struggled to keep operations going amid the pandemic, you should be ready for the ever-changing responsibility that it brings. You want to keep your business afloat, and to do this, there are certain tasks you need to do to ensure you stay on the right track despite these uncertain times. With normality beginning to unravel stage by stage, many businesses have opened with restrictions in place.

Seeing that many companies have been hit severely, here are four ways to keep your franchise business going:

1. Keep Yourself Updated

Indeed, we are living in uncertain times. Instead of letting yourself drown in fear for the unknown, do something productive as a franchise owner by keeping up-to-date with the latest news. However, be sure to maintain a healthy dose of news so that you do not overwhelm yourself with negativity. You only need to grasp the current events to make better strategies for your business. It’s better to pay closer attention to news that affects your industry and area, and you can do this by signing up for email alerts.

2. See What Other Brands Are Doing

It is a vital practice to observe how other franchise brands are doing amid the pandemic. This is an important thing to do as a business owner as it will provide you insights on what you should and shouldn’t do. That way, you can tweak your strategies and steer your business in the right direction.

3. Implement New Protocols

Times have changed drastically over the past months, and you can expect that it will continue to do so. The world has become stricter with social distancing guidelines as cases continue to rise in different parts of the world. As a business owner, make sure to implement new protocols in your business that focus on the safety and security of your staff and clients. This involves training employees how to wear their masks, when to let customers in, and how to check for temperatures, among others.

Additionally, keep in mind that sudden changes may happen, and you need to set protocols that your staff can follow should they occur.

4. Maintain Clear And Effective Communication With Your Team

During this time uncertainty, communication is more important than ever. Keep everyone in the loop with the latest updates about your industry or business, and set up an accessible platform that will let you and your staff communicate easily. Also, make sure that all communication lines are open to ensure the safety of your business operations.


The changes that have happened over the past months are new to most of us, and business owners have been navigating the rocky paths and turbulent waters due to the pandemic. Yet, with no end in sight, franchise owners have no choice but to resume their operations or they will be forced to close and incur significant losses. This time calls for new strategies to keep franchises afloat.

By following the four tips mentioned above, will help you maintain productivity despite the health crisis. They will also help you continue to operate and gather as many sales as possible until things go back to normal or we get used to a “new” normal.

Optamark Franchise is a brand management company in Norwalk, CT, that will help you develop and grow your company, even amid the global pandemic. We have the tools, resources, support, and technology you need to enhance your business efforts. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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