Things That Signs and Graphics Should Cover About Crowd Safety and Foot Traffic at Events


One of the issues that party organizers have to face when putting together crowded events is how to control crowd safety and foot traffic at events while also ensuring that everyone is safe and comfortable. This can be daunting, especially for organizers that are hosting such events for the first time. But don’t worry, Optamark is here to help.

To achieve crowd safety and manage foot traffic at events, you can make use of directional signs and graphics that help traffic move effectively while also enhancing your brand outlook. Here’s what your signs and visual graphics should do for you at every event:

  • Organize the car park: Keep the parking lot organized. Your guests and employees should never have to fight for parking space at your event. Clear and visible directional signs will help your guests park their cars without hassle at convenient spots.
  • Your guests should never be confused as to how to get into your event. Your signs should adequately direct them to the entrance, as well as any exits.
  • There may be different sessions in your events and your signs should serve as a map that helps them navigate their way to the session they really want to be in.
  • If your event features panels or presentations, your signs should serve as a map that helps them navigate their way to the session they want to attend. The same is true for places like the restrooms, food centers, etc. Your guests should never feel like they have to ask how to get somewhere. Your signs and graphics should clearly mark these features.
  • When creating signage for your event, consider making some that feature information about different products, equipment, etc. featured there.
  • Every event space has areas that are off-limits to guests, and your signs should mark those areas clearly.


Optamark can help you run a hassle-free event by providing helpful, high-quality signs and graphics that improve organization and ensure crowd control and safety.

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