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In the cutthroat world we live in, growing a business can be a nightmare. It can be tough to start a business from scratch and earn a huge turnover. Therefore, it is quite natural to look for a guiding angel to help you survive in the stiff market. That is where “Franchising” acts like a perfect angel to help businesses grow along with earning a huge profit. So, what does franchise mean?

A franchise is a type of license that a party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to a business’s (the franchiser) proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks to allow the party to sell a product and provide a service under the business’s name. In exchange for gaining the franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor an initial start-up and annual licensing fees. McDonald’s is the most popular example of a franchise.

The growth of franchise sectors has increased a lot over the years. Here are some of the high-income franchise sectors:

1. Printing Franchise

Print brokers and the printing industry are growing globally and have gained a lot of popularity. Over the years, consumers have developed their taste for the products that look cool and creative. There is a huge growth in demand for print products like  booklets, business cards, clothes, mugs, notebooks & pens, backpacks, and many more. This has resulted in the opening of a lot of wholesale printing for resellers.

Currently, the printing franchise is one of the hottest franchise sectors worldwide; printing business opportunities have acquired zenith considering its use in most other business sectors. This franchise type can bring both B2B and B2C print reseller opportunities for you.

2.Food Franchise

The food sector undoubtedly ranks top in the list of high income franchise sectors. Again, this sector deals in B2B and B2C. Despite the extreme outbreak of the coronavirus, this business continues to grow through adapting social distance and other necessary guidelines properly. This sector is bound to yield high income, as a food craving is a continuous and never-ending phenomenon. 

Food franchises are associated with various events, festivals, and occasions, including food truck businesses, restaurants, hotels, fast foods, and more. High-end royalty is another reason why eatable-franchises are high in-demand across the globe.

3.Home Franchise

With the growth of technology, the demand for home services has increased rapidly. Due to coronavirus, more people are working, and schooling from home increases the demand for home services. Moreover, consumers like to avail of efficient domestic services at their fingertips by using the internet smartly. 

These days, home services include multiple housekeeping jobs such as electrician, plumbing, AMC planning, carpentering, refrigeration, home cleaning, repairing and maintenance, pest control, and more. You may choose a franchise that provides one or more services or choose a franchise that provides an all-in-one solution.

4.Business Franchise

The business sector is growing vastly. Services like accounting, advertising, billing, consulting, IT services and computer repair, cleaning, insurance, marketing, security, storage, tax preparation, etc. are in demand. To manage it effectively, businesses are relying on effective B2B business service providers. According to Statista, in 2020, the U.S. business services franchise industry has an estimated $109.5 billion output. 

Home services franchises (as discussed above) may be considered one of the branches of business franchises. When merged with businesses, this franchise is used for both home and commercial premises.

5.Wellness Franchise

The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has certainly increased the demand for health services. Consumers are actively investing in wellness services like nutrition, fitness, beauty, and preventive and personalized medicines.

The global health and wellness industry currently stands at a value of $4.2 trillion, making it an important sector for the entrepreneurs to look for franchise ventures. Print resellers can help a lot when it comes to promotions and marketing.

6.Educational Franchise

Nowadays, parents and students have become more conscious of overall skill development. People are looking beyond academic qualifications. This has increased the enrollment of students and people in educational services. 

The demand for creative arts, technology, science, and engineering has created a tremendous opportunity for educational franchisors to create business models that deliver high-quality educational services. Therefore, the demand for such services is bound to grow shortly.

7.Automotive Franchise

This industry also comes under essential businesses and is bound to grow. It offers opportunities in auto sales, repair, service, and maintenance. It also includes transmission, industrial truck care, brake, muffler, rentals, detailing, bodywork, car washes, insurance, gas stations, and oil change franchises. Currently, the automotive service industry is a $115 billion market.

With several brands available across the globe, you can choose the best option keeping into consideration the brand, country of origin, target niche, and more.

8.Retail Franchise

The retail franchise has become a key franchise business opportunity. The fashion industry sees the entrance of new brands that soon become popular. The fashion industry adapts quickly to changing trends, making it a highly profitable business opportunity. With the growing per-capita income of people, there is a huge demand for international clothing brands. Retail isn’t limited to clothing and fashion, but it also  includes books, lifestyle accessories, and more.

You can use the printing business for sales and promotions when it comes to retail franchises

9.Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Despite high external competition from convenience stores, big-box retailers, and warehouses, supermarkets, and grocery store franchises are expected to experience steady growth as the economy improves. Driven mainly by consumer sentiment and disposable income, the recession caused a noticeable slowdown in sales. 

During the recession, many people bought less expensive and generic items instead of brand-name items, which subsequently hurt revenue and profit margins. However, in the upcoming decade, this industry will surely grow.

PS: If your passion lies in the creative field and if you want to deal with something that can attain both B2B and B2C leads, choose one of the popular printing franchises blindly. This industry will satisfy your creative thrust and yield a huge income for sure!

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