Using Promotional Products to Keep Non-Profits Up and Running – Our Guide

Using Promotional Products to Keep Non-Profits Up and Running - Our Guide

Non-profit organizations have always been there aiding humanity by providing shelters, relief, and more to people and animals alike. That is not to say that for-profit organizations do not do that, but non-profits do so without earning profits for their owners. Of course, they maintain financial stability through donations and the like without selling products or services to make a profit. With that said, with COVID-19 causing a lot of trouble, many non-profit organizations have taken a hit. 


Are you running a non-profit organization? Understandably, it is even more challenging for you to look for financial sources than before. Your fundraising activities are probably delayed or canceled, and people are not donating much, either.


How can you still interact with your audience, helping them through tough times, building trust and presence, while still getting the financial support you need? You can do so by offering promotional products. Here are some suggestions:


  1. Hand Sanitizers


With cleanliness being the number one solution to limiting the spread of the virus, many people are looking for ways to keep their hands clean. While regularly washing the hands is one of the best methods, this is not possible when on the go. So, this is where hand sanitizers come into play. They are instrumental and an excellent way to remind people that you are there, caring for them.


When you distribute hand sanitizers, ensure that they contain your logo. This way, whenever they reach for the sanitizers or even share some with other people, your brand gets exposure.


  1. Face masks


Face masks, whether cloth, polyester, or any other material, are essential now, especially for people who go out. People need to cover their nose and mouth because they could catch the virus when someone infected coughs or sneezes in front of them. 


When you distribute masks, you can include your logo. That way, when they wear them during their commute, other people will see that you are still active, putting effort into helping them find relief during the pandemic.


  1. Kitchen Utensils


With more people staying home, people are finding time to use their kitchens rather than ordering take-out. For this, you can provide utensils like cutting boards, cups, and knives, all of which should be branded with your logo.


Note that these can be a little more expensive to distribute compared to some other options. For that reason, we recommend you only distribute such items to loyal donors who have given plenty to you. In a way, you are giving back to them to thank them while still reassuring them that you are still working hard.




By sending these things and more, like bag clips and notebooks, you spread awareness to your audience and other people, reminding them that you are still out there, providing relief to many and always open to receiving donations. When people see that they have received promotional products from you free of charge, they will be more motivated to continue donating to you, keeping you financially stable throughout the pandemic. With that, you can continue serving the communities, telling people how your help has brought relief to others, and how their contributions have made the world a better place.


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