What a Franchisee Does in 5 Business Areas – Our Guide

What a Franchisee Does in 5 Business Areas - Our Guide

The business franchise model has become increasingly popular today. For the uninitiated, franchising is a marketing concept for business expansion where entrepreneurs can use and adopt an owner’s business model. However, the owner––called a franchisor––licenses its knowledge, procedures, intellectual property, brand, and rights to sell its branded products and services to a franchisee.

If you’re a franchisee, know that many perks and benefits come with pursuing this type of business. However, there are key business areas where you need to perform your duty. In this article, we will share all you need to know about what a franchisee does:

1. Finance

Technically speaking, a franchisee is regarded as an investor. This is because you’re initially paying the franchisor to use their business concept, tool and machinery, and overall implementation. You also have to consider the training fee, supply expenses, equipment cost, and other operational costs necessary to keep your business up and running, as provided by your franchisor. Ultimately, your finance is the most crucial aspect of your franchise business.

2. Partnership

A business franchising is merely pursuing a partnership with the franchisor. This is why you must be willing to build good relationships with your franchisor and other stakeholders involved. Along with this is assuming a leadership role in your respective branch. At the same time, you should comply with the business standards that are set in place to protect the franchised brand and your business as every move has a ripple effect on the overall brand.

3. Communication

As with any business pursuit, communication is the key to a successful outcome. You must constantly interact with your franchisor at the onset of your business and every step of the way. If you aren’t sure how to proceed with certain aspects of the business, be sure to ask relevant questions. You are also required to regularly report your sales and expenses to the franchisor. Ultimately, having an open line of communication between both parties will help the business thrive and succeed in the long run.

4. Management

As a franchisee, you can expect to wear many hats. At the onset of the franchise business, you may end up handling many tasks, from daily operations and supply order to marketing, employee hiring, and writing business reports. Given all these overwhelming tasks and responsibilities, it will be helpful to have management skills. Through time, be sure to delegate your tasks while still overseeing your business franchise’s overall operation.

5. Time

When it comes to business, time is always of the essence. This means that you have to invest an ample amount of time pursuing your business, from the initial setup to the implementation down to its on-going operation. As time is valuable, you shouldn’t waste any of it. Once you take the plunge, do what it takes to grow your business and help your brand succeed!


Although it may initially appear that franchising is an easy route to take when it comes to pursuing a business, this is often far from the whole truth. This is because there are still roles and responsibilities that a franchisee needs to commit and perform in the following business areas: finance, partnership, communication, management, and time.

At the same time, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above. With these roles properly assumed and tasks adequately performed, you can rest assured that your business will grow and expand in the long run!

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